Clay Center Zoo Murals

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Colorful murals at Clay Center Zoo in Kansas

Clay Center Zoo Murals

'Proud Peacock' and 'Cheetahs Calling' Utility Park in Clay Center, KS has been a favorite family leisure spot for generations. The latest additions to the park are two exciting murals featuring star attractions. Inspired by the mesmerizing peacocks that call the park home, and the exotic cheetah that is an eagerly anticipated addition, these striking installations are presented in vibrant colors. The use of professional-grade spray paint and acrylic coupled with a masterful artistic technique brings the contemporary style to life. Zoo facilities are currently undergoing an extensive renovation and expansion while continuing to stay open to the public. Funding for the project has been provided by generous local citizens and businesses. With more enclosures now completed, new types of animals are calling the zoo home, including a bobcat, ring-tailed lemurs, and a pair of bear cubs. Since opening in 1933, the Utility Park in Clay Center has been supported and maintained by the Public Utility Commission without the use of any tax funds. The park’s origin story is a unique part of Clay Center’s history. Built during the Great Depression, many residents couldn’t afford to pay the expense of their water and electricity bills during those tough years. Rather than disconnecting services, the Public Utilities Commission gave those residents the opportunity to work on constructing the park in lieu of monetary payment. Many of the stone walls seen today in the park were constructed in this manner. 2021 by Ryan Estel - Denver, CO Photo courtesy of Tracy Bloom

Mural Address
4th Street & Pomeroy St, Clay Center, KS, USA

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