Rainbow Lion Mural

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Colorful mural of a lion under a rainbow in Kansas

Rainbow Lion Mural

Though not painted directly on a wall, this large-scale work of public art counts as a mural.  This piece was painted by TECH artist Jerimiah Tolbert, commissioned by Bob and Ann Bush.  The idea for this project began when Bob and Ann went to Portland in 2014 and couldn't help but notice their large, hand-painted murals throughout the city.  Bob met with Matt Lowen of Lowen Sign Company and he convinced Bob this team at Lowen could do this project less expensively than a hand-painted mural and better yet, that it would stand the test of time.

Bob met with Dorinda Simmons, Director of the TECH Art Program to see if there was a TECH artist that was willing to take on the project.  Dorinda and Bob decided to have several artists work on a lion painting and Bob would check in and see which one spoke to him the most.

When asked 'why a lion,' Bob said 'Lions represent Respect, Confidence, Strength, Determination and many other positive emotions.  Lions live, hunt and work together as part of a Pride and each have important roles in the success of their Pride.  This is something that we, as a community, need to always remember, both personally and as a whole".

The artists painting that was picked for the mural was TECH Artist, Jerimiah Tolbert.  The Mural spans over 20 feet high by 20 feet wide.

Mural Address
2 N Main St, Hutchinson, KS, USA
Jerimiah Tolbert

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